Mission to Mightadore (audio-book).


Embark on a riveting steampunk journey with “Mission to Mightadore,” the latest audio adventure from the celebrated Jackelian series by Stephen Hunt. This seventh book opens a new chapter of intrigue and discovery, inviting listeners to traverse the steam-driven wonders and dangers of a world unlike any other.

Seline Templar’s life has been anything but ordinary. With her father’s mysterious death shrouded in secrecy and her mother, Molly, vanishing under enigmatic circumstances, Seline finds herself under the protection of King Steam in the safety of the Steamman Free State, far from her native Jackelian Kingdom. Here, among the marvels of machine and steam, Seline’s story takes an unexpected turn when the esteemed steamman scientist Coppertracks arrives with news of a discovery so extraordinary, it propels Seline and her companions on a perilous quest to the enigmatic city of Mightadore.

Mightadore, a name whispered with reverence and fear, a destination many have sought but from which none have returned. What secrets lie within its lost borders? Seline is determined to find out, driven by a quest for truth that is as personal as it is ambitious.

Stephen Hunt, the mastermind behind the ‘Far-called’ and ‘Jackelian’ series, as well as the ‘Sliding Void’ space opera, weaves a tapestry of adventure, mystery, and steampunk innovation in “Mission to Mightadore.” Praised by THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, DAILY MAIL, and THE TIMES for his imaginative storytelling and inventive world-building, our trusty audio-steamman A.I. delivers an audio experience that captivates and entertains from the first note to the last.

Listeners, prepare yourselves for an expedition through a world where the steam age meets the fantastical, where science and sorcery intertwine, and where every journey promises wonders, dangers, and revelations. “Mission to Mightadore” is more than an audiobook; it’s an invitation to witness the marvels of the Jackelian universe through the ears of its most daring adventurers.

This standalone tale, part of the broader tapestry of the Jackelian series, offers newcomers and series aficionados alike a perfect entry point into Stephen Hunt’s vividly imagined world. For fans of Douglas Adams, Neal Asher, and Orson Scott Card, “Mission to Mightadore” promises an exhilarating blend of steampunk adventure and fantastical escapades, all brought to life with the rich narration that immerses you in the heart of the adventure.

Set sail for Mightadore, where mystery and destiny await. “Mission to Mightadore” is your ticket to a world of steampunk adventure, where the past collides with the future, and where every discovery carries the weight of history and the thrill of the unknown.

The total duration of this audiobook is around 10 hours, 25 minutes.

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