Chance Zapman and the Planet of Deadly Doom

Chance Zapman and the Planet of Deadly Doom

My first science fiction comedy novel, aiming to follow in the footsteps of such luminaries as Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchrett. Will it be amusing? Will you split your sides? Only time will tell!


A Story About

Alien Abduction

You know how it is. One minute you are in a Jobs Centre in Croydon, trying to work your way through the labyrinth of paperwork needed to get your social. The next you are kidnapped by an evil alien empire.


You are expected to save the universe, and the job doesn't even come with a benefits package or even a guarantee of a return startship flight to Earth? Sucks to be you, right?


Just because you are stuck at the far end of the galaxy, it doesn't mean you don't get to snog a few aliens, right? It always worked out so well for that Kirk chap, after all.

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