Hell Fleet (audio-book).


Dive into the heart of cosmic conflict with “Hell Fleet,” the electrifying fifth installment of the Sliding Void series, now available as a riveting audiobook. This standalone adventure catapults listeners into the far reaches of space, where Commander Adella Vega, leader of the notorious Hell-Fleet, faces her greatest challenge yet. Banished to the galaxy’s edge on punishment duty, Vega and her crew of misfits and malcontents thought they had seen the worst. That is until the stars themselves begin to blink out, heralding an unknown, terrifying force.

What connection could this cosmic mystery possibly have with the free-trader captain Lana Fiveworlds and her decrepit vessel, the Gravity Rose, along with its eclectic band of outcasts? The answer lies in a high-stakes collision course that promises to intertwine their fates in a saga of fire, blood, and fury.

“Hell Fleet” is not just another chapter in space opera; it’s a fusion of the genre’s best, blending the expansive universe of Stephen Hunt’s imagination with the gritty realism of military sci-fi. Prepare for a story where the future is so brilliantly perilous, you’ll need lead-lined shades just to glimpse the action-packed pages.

Narrated by our odd starship A.I., this audiobook brings to life the thrilling escapades, strategic battles, and the indomitable spirit of the Alliance navy’s most daring commander. Stephen Hunt, acclaimed author of the ‘Far-called’ and ‘Jackelian’ series, once again showcases his talent for crafting compelling, visionary tales that have garnered praise from THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, DAILY MAIL, and GUARDIAN, among others.

Whether you’re a veteran follower of the Sliding Void saga or a newcomer thirsty for adventure among the stars, “Hell Fleet” offers a perfect entry point into a universe where loyalty is tested, courage is mandatory, and the battle for survival is non-stop. With its blend of space opera grandeur and military science fiction’s tactical depth, this audiobook is a must-listen for fans of Douglas Adams, Neal Asher, and James S.A. Corey.

Set sail with Commander Vega and her unlikely heroes as they embark on a journey fraught with danger and discovery. “Hell Fleet” promises an unforgettable voyage across a universe where the only certainty is the thrill of the unknown. Strap in and prepare for launch; the adventure of a lifetime awaits in the audio realms of “Hell Fleet.”

The total duration of this audiobook is around 9 hours, 26 minutes.

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