Early cover concepts . . . Foul Tide’s Turning.

I have just got the early cover concepts in for Foul Tide’s Turning, the second in my Far-called sequence of fantasy books. There’s various options I need to select from ...

New Stephen Hunt novel, In Dark Service, for £1.99 if you pre-order now.

My British publisher Gollancz are reducing the price of their digital e-Book editions debuts this year to £1.99 … for the first week of publication and on any pre-orders as ...

In Dark Service – first look at cover art.

The bound proofs will be going out for In Dark Service very early next year (2014) to reviewers in the media, prior to the book’s official March 20th 2014 publication ...


Jack Cloudie… airship hunting.

My US Publisher – Tor – is bringing out a hardback version ...

Is Stephen Hunt really JK Rowling?

I’m not JK Rowling. Honest. Or am I? And if I was, ...

Jack Vance RIP – the Dying Earth loses its last citizen.

More sad news floats in on the heels of the relatively recent ...

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The wicked wild wild web.

Story Update (10th March 2015) Yipee. Sanity has been restored it seems, touch wood. The cyber-attacks on this site and SFcrowsnest.org.uk have dwindled away in the face of the counter-measures suite we introduced, and the attacks on the social networks have been taken care of too. Thanks to everyone who helped with suggestions of who […]

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DPD – delivery service from hell.

Thanks, DPD. I have been waiting at home for eight hours having taken the day off work, sitting in my home office watching the road, when what do I spy, a DPD delivery van driving past my house with your driver clutching something in the air inside the van. A GPS unit, I wonder. Are […]

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Bothered by the strange literary distractions of Brangelina.

It’s getting to the point that I’m now severely regretting offering to help Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie house-hunt in the UK. For some reason when I was first introduced to Brangelina at an Oscars ceremony by Peter Jackson, the oddly photogenic couple got it into their collective celeb hive mind of a brain that I work as a London-based estate […]

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Green energy to bankrupt the energy mega-corps? (and a writing update).

With the upswell in ‘free’ green energy, electricity suppliers in Germany and Denmark have applied to shut down newly unprofitable power plants, but the nervous governments are resisting, afraid of being caught short on some cold winter’s night with little wind. A case for a nationalised back-up system if I’ve ever heard it! Read the […]

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Solar reaching price parity with conventional electricity.

Some interesting news in from Bloomberg concerning energy research – a new report by Deutsche Bank indicates that solar energy is about to reach price parity with conventional electricity – and keep on going down, getting cheaper with every year (hint: solar panels are mostly based on semiconductors – so share the PC chip’s ability of sliding […]

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Embrace solar energy before global warming destroys the world . . . The Burning Answer.

  I have just finished reading Keith Barnham’s excellent non-fiction tome, The Burning Answer: A User’s Guide to the Solar Revolution. This is a book that every climate change denier and big oil executive should be forced to read before they go on TV to spout off about fracking and nuclear power and all the […]

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Shockwave, Darkside (film review).

I don’t often do film reviews, but I’ve got a new one posted over at http://sfcrowsnest.org.uk/shockwave-darkside-movie-review/ for science fiction war movie (and meditation on religion/humanity) Shockwave, Darkside. It’s in the same vein as Monsters from 2010 as far as being a small indie production, rather than a product of the Studio system (e.g. not soaked, or stewed in […]

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Just one word. Are you listening?

I want to say one word to you, Benjamin. Just one word. Are you listening? . . . HODOR! Game of Thrones : Hodor in da House from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

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The zombie fly – the fly that could not die!

Much kerfuffle in the home last night as the younger members of the tribe confused a fly with a wasp and started to sprint around the house, panicking as if an alien invasion was beginning. This was no normal fly, we faced, however. This was the Rambo of flies. This was the fly that has been waiting […]

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Just who was the real God of Chips?

An interesting dinner table debate raged last night at Chez Hunt. Who would be the God of Chips? (that’s French Fries, if you’re reading this in North America . . . USA-style chips are known as ‘Crisps’ on this side of the Big Pond). My suggestion was McCain – invoking one of those Hyborian Age […]

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