New Stephen Hunt novel, In Dark Service, for £1.99 if you pre-order now.

My British publisher Gollancz are reducing the price of their digital e-Book editions debuts this year to £1.99 … for the first week of publication and on any pre-orders as ...

In Dark Service – first look at cover art.

The bound proofs will be going out for In Dark Service very early next year (2014) to reviewers in the media, prior to the book’s official March 20th 2014 publication ...

Brazil goes all steampunk for Jackelian novels.

Just had word in that my Portuguese publisher, Emergency Exit (or Saída de Emergência if you are a local) are setting up an office in Brazil to tap into their ...


Jack Cloudie… airship hunting.

My US Publisher – Tor – is bringing out a hardback version ...

Is Stephen Hunt really JK Rowling?

I’m not JK Rowling. Honest. Or am I? And if I was, ...

Jack Vance RIP – the Dying Earth loses its last citizen.

More sad news floats in on the heels of the relatively recent ...

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Win a chance to fly on a real airship (a rather big one).

You can win a pair of tickets to join Airlander’s latest shareholder, Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson (and various other celebrities) on the first flight of their massive Airlander airship, complete with an invitation to their launch party. You can even pretend you’re on a RAN airship floating over Jackelia . . . Bruce promises he’ll […]

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Let’s talk about software.

Hey, you. Sit down. It’s time we had that chat. About software. Specifically, the software this author uses to pen his novels. For decades I’ve been using Microsoft Word, upgrading to the latest version with each new desktop purchased. But I’ve finally succumbed to the warm propaganda issued by my fellow writer Michael Marshal Smith, […]

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Coping with steampunk in Brazil.

Ever wondered how they cope with steampunk in Brazil? Well, Bruna Camargo can fill you in, but you will need to understand Portuguese Rio-style. Thanks, Bruna.

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The creative writing courses controversy?

With the uptick in indie authors, so a corresponding uptick in organisations offering creative writing courses, but are they worth the money, or just another way for commercial interests to milk money out of would-be writers? Radio 4 examines both side of the arguments in this week’s You and Yours episode. This piece ran on […]

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The sorry state of career journalism in 2013.

Following my last couple of posts, here’s a quick link to an exchange between the Atlantic Magazine and journalist Nate Thayer looking to solicit his professional services for an article the Atlantic wanted to publish. It’s in the same ballpark as my two pieces. Noel Coward once sung ‘Don’t Put Your Daughter On The Stage, […]

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E-books… meet thy digital saviour?

This is a brief follow-up post to my last one. Among the comments the previous article received, were, “Has that friend of yours ever considered e-book publishing directly?” The polite comments in this vein are now sitting under the article. The deranged ‘YOU HAVE DISSED ME AND EVERY AUTHOR BY FAILING TO MENTION EBOOKS ONCE […]

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I’m the author. Fly me.

In terms of setting expectations for an authorly career, Patricia Cornwell has a lot to answer for as a celebrated crime novelist, not least the circumstances of her private life which recently came out during a court hearing concerning alleged fraud on the part of her literary agent. Such titbits as the fact she spent […]

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Listen closely T-rex, hear how the dinosaurs howl!

An interesting radio program on the digital future of book publishing from the BBC’s Bottom Line. With the exception of Kobo’s Michael Tamblyn, most of it is the confused howling of Argentinosaurs as they stumble through the nuclear winter following the asteroid’s impact, but a fascinating piece of history, nevertheless. I’ll be doing a longer […]

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A poster rises… for ‘Rise of the Iron Moon’.

It’s always interesting to see my readers’ take on the Jackelian novels when it comes to paintings, art, models and the like. Here’s a fine example… a poster designed for Rise of the Iron Moon (the third novel of six in the series). This was produced by Chris Lewis (@c_j_lewis), who is a writer for […]

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Immortality in 5 points (size).

News floats in that author Dame Daphne du Maurier’s legion of friends have been left fuming by the showing on ITV of ‘The Scapegoat’, a direct adaption of DDdM’s novel of the same name. National newspapers in the UK have focused on her friend of thirty years, Michael Thornton, who summed up the reaction to […]

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