Strange Incursions: A Guide for the UFO & UAP-Curious (ebook)

Get ready to embark on a journey into the unknown with “Strange Incursions: A Guide for the UFO & UAP-Curious” by Stephen Hunt. This thought-provoking, non-fiction book takes you deep into the world of unexplained phenomenon and extraterrestrial encounters. Hunt, a long-time best-selling science fiction author, once believed that the idea of aliens visiting Earth was just a fantasy.

However, a series of events, including the revelation of a top-secret alien-hunting program run by the Pentagon, changed his mind and led him on a journey of exploration. In this book, Hunt brings you the results of his voyage, seeking answers to questions that will challenge your perceptions of reality. He delves into the world of UFO sightings, high strangeness, and government secrecy, drawing parallels between science fiction and the possible reality of extraterrestrial encounters.

Are aliens visiting Earth right now? What is the connection between UFO sightings and high strangeness? Is humanity truly the only machine-using species in the galaxy? What does the U.S. government know that we don’t? Stephen Hunt explores these questions and more, providing a unique perspective as a science fiction author.


Are aliens visiting Earth, right now, even as you’re reading this?

For a long-time, best-selling science fiction author Stephen Hunt believed – as you might do – that UFOs and the chance extraterrestrials are presently calling on Earth was a load of… (let’s keep this family-friendly), complete old nonsense!

What was it that changed his mind? Interestingly, not his encounter with an alien probe in 2001. He wrote that off as a council pollution-monitoring drone – even though the first commercial drone wasn’t used until 2006.

No, it was the New York Times’s article revealing that the Pentagon had been running, and denying the existence of, a top-secret alien-hunting program so covert it had to change the word ‘UFO’ to ‘UAP’ just to escape the stigma created by the CIA around the term. This feature came with confirmed videos of the latest U.S. navy fighter jets being made to look like paper planes by anti-gravity effect vehicles. Craft racing at mind-boggling speeds that would turn human pilots into meat-paste.

Since then, Stephen has been exploring deep down this rabbit hole.

Now, in his very first non-fiction book, he brings you the results of his strange voyage of exploration, seeking the answers to such eye-opening questions as…

  • Has the U.S. government (a) lost its mind, or (b) are they really trying to back-engineer crashed alien craft wreckage?
  • What is the connection between UFOs/UAPs and high strangeness (portals, ghosts, Bigfoot)?
  • Given there are between 100 and 400 billion star systems in our Milky Way Galaxy, where the heck is everyone else? Is humanity truly that unique? The only machine-using species?
  • What does the U.S. government know that we don’t?
  • Are UFO witnesses and whistle-blowers influenced by popular science fiction entertainment, or are our media companies dropping approved UFO/alien bread-crumbs?
  • Is this new wave of official U.S.-sanctioned UFO openness a prelude to something shocking coming our planet’s way? Revelations so improbable, they’ll change humanity forever?

“Stephen Hunt examines this fascinating and astonishing universe through the eyes of a science fiction author, drawing the parallels between our sci-fictions, and what just might be a bizarre classified reality of actual alien-derived sci-facts.”

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