Void All The Way Down (audio-book)


Embark on an electrifying audio journey with “Void All The Way Down,” narrated by our trusty A.I. Dive into the heart-pounding adventures of Captain Lana Fiveworlds, a tenacious space trader navigating the treacherous void with her eclectic crew aboard the ancient spaceship, Gravity Rose.

In this universe, danger lurks in every shadowy corner of civilized space, and Lana’s quest for a lucrative cargo to secure her financial future propels her into the midst of cosmic risks and galactic dilemmas.

With a crew comprising an alien zealot, a dubious android, a disgraced reptilian negotiator, and a renegade engineer, Lana’s life is anything but simple. The stakes soar when a former crew member implores her to save a barbarian prince from a doomed colony world. Yet, the unseen perils threatening Lana and her beloved vessel could obliterate their existence, casting them into the abyss of space.

“Void All The Way Down” is not just a story; it’s an immersive auditory experience that brings the Sliding Void Omnibus to life. This collection includes three gripping novellas: “Sliding Void,” “Transference Station,” and “Red Sun Bleeding,” followed by thrilling tales “Anomalous Thrust,” “Hell Fleet,” and “Voyage of the Void-Lost.” Each chapter is infused with Hunt’s vivid storytelling, transporting listeners across the vast, star-studded galaxy.

Stephen Hunt, celebrated creator of the ‘Far-called’ and ‘Jackelian’ series, weaves a tapestry of interstellar intrigue and futuristic fantasy that rivals the works of George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, and other literary giants. His novels, lauded by THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, DAILY MAIL, and GUARDIAN, among others, offer a feast of fantastical extravagance and relentless action.

Listeners aged 13 and up are invited to plunge into this audio odyssey, a perfect match for fans of Douglas Adams, Neal Asher, and Orson Scott Card. “Void All The Way Down” transcends genres, blending science fiction space opera with adventure, in a narrative as boundless as the universe itself.

Prepare for a mesmerizing voyage through space and time. “Void All The Way Down” is more than an audiobook; it’s a gateway to untold galaxies, waiting to be discovered. Listen, if you dare to join Captain Lana Fiveworlds on her most perilous mission yet, where the odds are astronomical, but the spirit of adventure is limitless.

The total duration of this audiobook is around 10 hours, 50 minutes.

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