Secrets of the Moon (audio-book).


Dive into the shadowy world of espionage, mystery, and the supernatural with “Secrets of the Moon,” the complete first season of The Agatha Witchley Mysteries omnibus, now available as an enthralling audiobook.

This series introduces listeners to Agatha Witchley, a former spy with a mind as brilliant as it is troubled, confined within the walls of Britain’s top mental institution. Her unique predicament? She’s visited by the ghosts of deceased celebrities, whispering the world’s darkest secrets into her ear.

When an American billionaire’s bizarre murder threatens to unleash economic turmoil across the globe, the British government turns to an unlikely hero. Agatha Witchley, despite her paranoia and advanced age, remains a genius whose skills are desperately needed. Her reintroduction into the world of espionage comes with a catch – the spectral companionships of Churchill, Elvis, and Groucho Marx, whose presence is more of a hindrance than a help.

Narrated by our sneaky A.I. chum, “Secrets of the Moon” weaves a tale that blurs the lines between madness and genius. Through the omnibus collection, encompassing “In the Company of Ghosts,” “The Plato Club,” and “The Moon Man’s Tale,” listeners will be transported into Agatha Witchley’s thrilling investigation, where the only thing more unpredictable than the next clue is Agatha herself.

Stephen Hunt, celebrated for his imaginative storytelling and intricate plots, delivers a series that has garnered acclaim from THE GUARDIAN, THE INDEPENDENT, and PUBLISHERS WEEKLY. “Secrets of the Moon” stands as a testament to Hunt’s creative prowess, offering a story studded with invention, originality, and the tantalizing promise of secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Perfect for fans of Iain Banks, John le Carr√©, and Patricia Cornwell, this audiobook offers a compelling blend of crime, thriller, and mystery genres, infused with a touch of the paranormal. “Secrets of the Moon” is more than just a mystery; it’s an adventure into the depths of human genius, the power of secrets, and the unseen forces that shape our world.

Prepare to be captivated and entertained as “Secrets of the Moon” takes you on a journey through the eyes of one of espionage’s most unconventional figures. Agatha Witchley’s story is a compelling exploration of the fine line between brilliance and madness, where the truth is often stranger than fiction.

The total duration of this audiobook is around 10 hours, 40 minutes.

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