I’m a God, but I’m not so sure about you?

Just caught up with Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix, the new TV series based on Mark Millar’s superhero comic book of the same name.

It’s also the first fruit, I understand, of Millarworld (the comic book company Mark set up as his creator-owned line that published Wanted, Chosen, The Unfunnies, Kick-Ass, and War Heroes) after Netflix purchased it outright.

I’ll just put this out there – if Netflix also wants to buy “Huntworld” for £230 million, I’ll happily (a) first create the said entity and then, (b) barter my soul to the company store, so to speak.

I’ve never read the paper series, but the TV series of Jupiter’s Legacy seemed fairly entertaining. It asks the very human question, what would you do if some alien came along and Shazamed! or Greenlanterned you, leaving you with the powers of a Superman or Wonder Woman?

Rule the world? Intervene to stop wars? Improve the economy? Remove all human agency from the equation? Or just run around fighting muggers in your underwear?

It’s the same question asked by Doctor Manhattan and Ozymandias in Watchmen.

One question I do have, is that if all the superheroes in Mark’s world were created by aliens Greenlantern-stylee, where did all the super-villains they face suddenly spring from?

Sadly, I think we are going to have to wait a year or longer until the next season for answers, which will kill much of the momentum of this new series before it even gets going.

While I’m sure Mark cares about this, it is probably notionally caring between sips of a Mai Tai on the beach overlooking his private suite at the Rosewood Bermuda.

Huntworld. Yours for just 96,650 bitcoin.

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