Walking Dead season 2 major spoilers

Blastr has written a Walking Dead season 2 story pointing out that TV Guide has gone to Robert Kirkman (the creator of the original comic), with their theories of what Dr. Jenner whispered to sheriff Rick Grimes in the fortress-like depths of the Center for Disease Control.

I think they’ve got what they’ve predicted wrong. Here’s my predictions, and given that I 100% advance guessed the story-line of the last Dr Who series episode, you might want to look away now…

The doc whispered that his blood test of Rick Grimes showed that Rick had been infected with the zombie virus, but due to his catatonic state in hospital, somehow he escaped becoming a zombie. Given he has been infected once already, Rick is now almost immune to becoming a zombie.

Kirkman whispered that Rick’s blood holds the potential cure for those already infected/or those not yet infected. This sets up the season nicely, with Rick knowing he has to get to whatever passes for civilisation so his blood can be used for a zombie virus cure.

I predict the big reveal for this fact will come about when Rick is actually bitten by a zombie in season 2, but fails to become one after getting the sweats etc.

That’s how this SFF author would write it, anyway…

What do you think? Any other theories you’d care to share in the comments field?


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One thought on “Walking Dead season 2 major spoilers

  • July 6, 2011 at 4:00 pm

    Well, in the comic book everyone is infected. You just need to die to become a zombie.
    I like your idea but I think the tv show will try to respect the comic book.

    I think Jenner said Rick that Lori is pregnant. (She is, in the comic book)

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