Ve’ll be back?

I just returned from seeing Terminator Dark Fate at the cinema with one of the junior members of the clan who has never seen any of the previous films in the series.

I don’t think it’s as bad as a lot of critics have been saying, but then it did use the old ‘but this a parallel timeline’ card to shred the second film in the cannon, which was guaranteed to send true fans of the original flick into a meltdown.

The critics appear to have plenty of company.

Ve'll be back?
Ve’ll be back?

The Hollywood Reporter says that given its &^%-poor opening, the movie could be on track to lose up to $130m depending on international box office performance, which means pretty much definitely that “zay von’t be back, ever!”

Terminator feels a bit like the Alien movie series, following much the same pattern. Alien – brilliant. Aliens – better. All the following films – pah. Ditto, The Terminator … brilliant. Terminator 2 Judgment Day – better. All the following films in the franchise. Meh. Just a Moo Moo cash-milking exercise.

How could T6 have been put on a better trajectory? A more original plot than just a fresh killer A.I called ‘Legion’ retreading the first film’s premise of timeline alteration by assassinating key humans.

I would have plumped for a good A.I. from a peaceful timeline sending back human-friendly robots to battle the evil A.I.’s forces, just to mix things up a little. A bit of light and shade could at least have made for a more interesting philosophical exploration of humanity’s relationship with technology.


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