Steve Jobs is dead, alas

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My old boss, Steve Jobs, has passed away. To anyone who knew him or knew how Apple worked, his death has been on the cards for a while. For to him, to step down from Apple, only an impending illness of fatal magnitude would do. Steve Jobs was scary, intense, and a 100% platinum-plated genius [at least, he appeared that way to a young graduate in his first job]. He kind of needed to calm down. But you just knew he never would.

The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly, Steve.

As a science fiction author I have perhaps one minor talent, and that is that I see the future, or at least predict how things might unfold. Steve Jobs did one better, he created the future. Everything I learnt about design and marketing, I learned at Apple. Goodbye, Steve. You created Apple, Pixar, buried the old-school music industry, and the Lord knows what you would’ve achieved if you had stayed around a little longer.

I can imagine Steve up in heaven now. God is being borne to his throne by a host of angels, only to find it occupied by Mr. Jobs. “The white, I think we can work with. Now, have you ever considered…?”

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