Star Trek Discovery vs Godzilla.

Well, it’s been a 12-year gap since Star Trek Enterprise finished and the new Star Trek Discovery beamed back down onto our TV screens. Ironically, that long gap led to the technological ascendance of streaming and an odd conundrum. Discovery is on Netflix in the UK, Europe and just about everywhere except the USA, where some sort of CBS ransomware-lite attempt seems to be being made on fans’ wallets.

At least, those U.S citizens who didn’t immediately make Discovery the most pirated show on every dodgy download system, or used their proxy servers set to ‘British – Leeds and Glasgow’ to access Netflix as loyal subjects of her Maj. All those centuries since the yoke of King George was cast off, and it takes this to make you come back?

I enjoyed the new Trek, apart from one small detail. The drought of scifi series on the small screen was one of the inspirations behind me starting my Sliding Void series of space opera novels. Attempting to fill the void, if you forgive the pun-nishment, of the end of Galactica, Stargate, and Enterprise. Now, what with The Orville, Discovery, The Expanse etc., that once empty schedule is becoming a more target rich environment than the DRADIS screen on a Colonial Viper!

I do rather worry a new TV Trek doesn’t mean much to the younglings, anymore. My ones can tell you where Boba Fett hides his vibroblades, but when it comes to Discovery, it’s more of a case of: “Spack’s sister? Speck’s sister? Spod, who?”

Oh well. I’m currently finishing off the 7th book in the Jackelian series, Mission to Mightadore. It should be with you early 2018. Possibly as early as January, as long as Kim Jong-un doesn’t start tossing nukes at Japan while I’m there at the end of this year. Ditto, tsunamis, super-volcano eruptions, and heck, I don’t know, Godzilla vs. Mothra. I’ve got form with this kind of thing. Fingers crossed.

Star Trek Discovery vs Godzilla.
Star Trek Discovery vs Godzilla.


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