Transference Station (audio-book).


Step aboard the Gravity Rose for another cosmic adventure in “Transference Station,” the second gripping novella in the Sliding Void series.

Captain Lana Fiveworlds and her eclectic crew have navigated the treacherous expanse of space to reach the semblance of civilization at the Edge’s wildest border systems. Transference Station, a bustling hub of commerce and intrigue, represents a beacon of hope for Lana, who is on the brink of financial ruin.

With her ship docked amidst the galaxy’s vagabonds and traders, Lana is on a desperate quest for a profitable cargo, battling not just bankruptcy but the complexities of her diverse crew. The rescued barbarian prince, whose affections add another layer to Lana’s challenges, expects payment, as do all aboard. Meanwhile, Zeno, the ship’s android, grapples with haunting secrets, and Polter, the alien navigator, finds himself in a predicament that threatens more than just their mission.

Amidst this chaos, a dubious opportunity arises, offering salvation at a steep price. But with unscrupulous rivals and a mission that could lead them into perilous territories, Lana and her crew must navigate more than just the stars–they must steer through the murky waters of trust, betrayal, and unseen dangers.

“Transference Station” thrusts listeners into a universe where the line between friend and foe blurs, and survival hinges on the slender thread of camaraderie and quick wits. Stephen Hunt, celebrated for his imaginative storytelling and richly crafted worlds, delivers an exhilarating tale that combines the thrill of space opera with the depth of character-driven drama.

Narrated with vivid detail and pulsating tension, this audiobook not only continues the saga of the Gravity Rose but also deepens the mysteries of the Sliding Void series. Fans of science fiction and fantasy classics will find themselves immersed in a narrative praised for its inventiveness, pace, and the ability to transport listeners to a universe teeming with possibilities and peril.

Join Captain Lana Fiveworlds as she faces her greatest challenge yet, navigating the uncertain waters of Transference Station, where every decision could lead to salvation or doom. “Transference Station” is not just a story of space exploration; it’s an odyssey of the human spirit, tested in the vastness of space and the intricacies of interpersonal dynamics. Prepare for a journey to the heart of the Sliding Void series, where adventure awaits at every turn.

The total duration of this audiobook is around 2 hours, 54 minutes.

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