Never rub another supervillain’s rhubarb.

So, two words of advice from me, this week. First, never rub another supervillain’s rhubarb; and second, The Joker movie, is, upon reflection, probably not the best choice for Date Night with your partner. When we departed the cinema, her indoors stared wistfully at a poster for an upcoming movie – Zombieland Double Tap – and said, ‘Maybe next time we could see a fun movie like … that one.’

When the zombie apocalypse and the total destruction of modern civilisation became ‘the fun choice’, you know you’re in trouble!

The Joker is unremittingly bleak, albeit well-acted, while basically recasting The Joker from evil force of nature & chaos to that bloke from The Taxi Driver – a sorry sod with metal issues, an illegal revolver, and increasingly little left to lose until he snaps and goes berserk.

All the nonsense stories from the mainstream press about how this film either (a) has people walking out of the cinema too scared to watch it or (b) glamorises incel violence, is complete b****locks.

It’s not scary at all. It strips all glamour and mystery about the Joker. It just leaves him looking like a sad loser whom you feel total pity for.

The most interesting thing about the film is the unreliable narrator nature of seeing something through the eyes of an out-and-out lunatic. What is true and what is not? I think everyone who went into that cinema saw a different film because of that simple trick.

Worth watching. But never more than once. And certainly not on Date Night. Doh!

Never rub another supervillain's rhubarb.
Never rub another supervillain’s rhubarb.



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