Life versus art versus life?

I’ve recently found another interesting series to stream on Prime – something called Utopia. It’s based on an old UK TV series from Channel Four that must have passed me by, now remade for Amazon with the big bucks (originally for HBO, but there was a falling out apparently).

The premise is that a bunch of comic-book fans believe that a mysterious graphic novel was loaded with hints about a conspiracy planning to eliminate most of humanity with a pandemic, and it accurately predicted Ebola, Sars, etc, so must be true.

Then a real deadly pandemic breaks out and the geeks must get to the bottom of this mystery before humanity becomes extinct.

As one critic said of it – and I rather agree – the cast and mystery plot at times transcend its overtly cynical and overly violent tendencies, but even those willing to look past the nastiness may find the whole thing too timely—in a bad way.

I know what they mean. But then, I also note that the film Contagion, which was basically a documentary about COVID shot 19 years before the actual pandemic, quickly became the most-watched film on Netflix when the brown stuff hit the fan earlier in the year. Go figure.

Maybe if we get invaded by aliens, Independence Day will briefly become the most downloaded film, before we’re over-run?

Utopia is a little grim, but maybe worth a watch if you can get past the fact they’ve got it far worse than us in their fictional universe.

By the way, my kids keep on changing my name and profile picture on Netflix to silly things like ‘Waddle Waddle’ with an avatar image of a chicken. If I change it back, I find it’s reverted to something truly ‘fowl’ again thirty minutes later.

This is certainly fowl play, but I don’t know how to stop it?

Feel free to drop me a line if you have any ideas.

Life versus art versus life?
Life versus art versus life?



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