Dying to go to the cinema?

Back in 2019, I used to classify my potential cinema trips by genre … science fiction, superhero, thriller, spy-fi, film noir, comedies, movies that my children wanted to see, and because I was paying, I also had to attend, stuff that my wife wanted to see and so my attendance was mandatory… chick-flicks, rom-coms, and sophisticated foreign flicks.

Now, at the backend of 2020, I have a far simpler two-lane method of classifying film types.

There are movies I will catch COVID to see, and there are movies that I will wait to filter around to Netflix in a few years.

By the way, Netflix, if you are listening and you ever consider going to a similar model of immediate direct film release to Disney Plus and Mulan, don’t charge an additional $30 for the pleasure of watching said new films. I can think of very few films that I would willingly spend 30 bucks to watch on a TV screen inside my house.

Which neatly brings me to the second category of film types, films I will perish to watch inside a cinema. Prime among these is the new version of Dune, which the recent trailers promise at the very least to be a stunning visual spectacular, a la the rebooted Blade Runner, also by Denis Villeneuve.

Of course, the plot is fixed against the Frank Herbert books, for better or worse. I always considered them unfilmable, but I must admit I have a steampunk’s fondness for the original Dune film of my teenage youth, not least for the visuals and the bizarre way David Lynch interpreted it.

It launched a thousand memes, including Dune-cat and the Coffee Must Flow.

The family tried to entice me recently for a cinema visit to see the tangled spy thriller Tenent, but alas, I was not willing to risk my health for that one. Sorry, Mr. Nolan.

I hope one-day post herd immunity, post-vaccine, post elaborate treatments, and whatever else it might take to get back to the old normal, to return to my original ‘genre classification method’ of categorising potential cinema trips.

Until that day arrives, I shall have to rely on Ix. Many machines on Ix, new machines. Not as good as those on Richese.

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