Bryan Singer takes web series to next level with H+

I know what you’re thinking. Say web series and everyone groans. A TV series done only for web-distribution. Amateur actors dressing up in fantasy, SF and steampunk fancy dress and a few cheap SFX done on their mate’s Apple computer. Well, think again, because Bryan Singer has just taken the rulebook and rewritten it with H+

The name doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, sounds like a brand of bottled sports water with a few extra vitamins thrown in to justify a £5 price tag, but oh boy, what a great-looking trailer for this new web series.

Humanity in the near future has been implanted with nanotechnology that allows everyone to walk around a William Gibsonesque cyberspace mingled with real life future. But then the technology malfunctions, and everyone implanted with the nano-metal dies, leaving a few lone survivors – Amish types, radical Christians, those too poor to afford the implants etc – as the inheritors of civilisation.

Amazing production values for a web series. If Bryan Singer can make money out of this, it could rewrite the rules of how TV is made, distributed and consumed too.


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