Barnes & Noble goes to war with DC Comics

Barnes & Noble in the USA has removed all DC graphic novels from its shelves after DC gave the Amazon Kindle Fire an exclusive early release programme for its comic content.

I think we can see this through the lens of increasing bitter tussles between books stores and indeed trad. publishing over Amazon’s progressively successful attempts to become last man standing in the publishing industry – combined publisher/book store to the world’s readers.

DC Comics attacked B&N’s boycott of their material, saying, “We are disappointed that Barnes & Noble has made the decision to remove these books off their shelves and make them unavailable to their customers. DC Entertainment will continue to make our content available to our fans and new readers through multiple distribution channels including locally-owned comic book retailers, independent bookstores, other bookstore chains and other widespread means such as online through Amazon and through our apps on iOS and select Android powered devices as well as new and exciting devices going forward.”

Jaime Carey, one the B&N big cheeses noted in their press release on going to war… “Regardless of the publisher, we will not stock physical books in our stores if we are not offered the available digital format. To sell and promote the physical book in our store showrooms and not have the ebook available for sale would undermine our promise to Barnes & Noble customers to make available any book, anywhere, anytime.”

The Kindle Fire has done an exclusive deal for digital distribution of DC Comics content as of November 15th 2011 (when Amazon’s new tablet starts shipping in the US of A).

Time to send in Batman to kick some B&N ass, guys?


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One thought on “Barnes & Noble goes to war with DC Comics

  • October 9, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    It seems to me DC fired the first shot by saying sure we’ll sell you product but we’re giving your competition an advantage. I don’t know if this is a good business move but on principle I have to go with B&N.

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