A good bit of evil.

I just finished watching the last episode of the second season for the post-apocalyptic ice age hell of a train set that is Snowpiercer.

I will try to keep this relatively spoiler-free for those of you who haven’t seen this series on Netflix yet.

The fundamental difference between the two seasons is the return of Mr. Wilfried in the form of Sean Bean. He is still the King of the North, but this time playing a manipulative billionaire sociopath with slight shades of grey – grey, as in Sixty Shades Of.

It is very worrying how well Sean Bean plays a devious psychopath perv, or perhaps this is a testament to their scriptwriters.

They get it down pat that the underlying pathology of being a psychopath is that you believe you are the only living sentient creature on the stage of life, and everything else is basically just a simulacrum created for your entertainment, sadistic, fatal, or otherwise.

It takes quite a lot to put across a decent villain in fiction or on the screen. It’s astonishingly easy to fail and merely create a cardboard cutout bad-because-they-are-bad type of character (or the even lazier current trend for evil because they are a stereotype – insert your cookie-cutter identity here: political view, religious outlook, immutable characteristics, money-loving corporate executive, et cetera).

What will the third season bring when it returns to Netflix? We shall have to wait and see!

Whatever happens, you probably won’t want ice cubes for your cocktail in first class. That is, if you survive the cull!

A good bit of evil.
A good bit of evil.


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