Zap gun collection

Bring me some guns. Bring me some STEAMPUNK guns. Yes sir, snivels Greg Broadmore of Dr. Grordbort fame. See what the mad beardy genius and his cohorts have cooked up this time.

Yes, it’s the results of the Dr. Grordbort steampunk weapon design competition. Some of the entries are as fine as laser-sliced cheese (as long as the light amplification module is steam powered).

Ladies and gentlebeings, I present to you, the Celestial Cell Combustor…

The Vulcan 2 Carbonizing Carbine… (would you look at the range on that)

The Rapid Current Eradicator…

And last, but by no means least, the The Schro(hum)dinger…

And here are a few words from the master. No, not me, Greg!

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