Yesterday all my Tribbles seemed so far away?

So, the delayed movie pipeline is slowly rumbling again, with trailers gurgling through the media u-bend once more … The King’s Men, the next James Bond flick, the Wonder Woman 1984 film, etc, etc.

But will people head back into cinemas with (a) the memory of current events, and (b) substantial home-body habits formed and reinforced? 

It can take anywhere from twenty to two-hundred days for a person to form a new habit, with an average of 60 days for the formation of a recent behaviour’s neural pathways to become automatic.

People are hitting the pubs again here in the UK, at least, as long as the sun is shining, the weather is warm, and you can drink and chat with friends and family on nearby parks and commons.

But could a gloomy chamber filled with dirty coughers and popcorn rustlers prove a bridge too far, even by September and October? Only time will tell. 

Going to the pub with pals, the coffee shop for writing, meeting up with the wider clan, and hitting the gym for body maintenance are the things I’ve missed most.

Office worker mates of mine told me they’ve appreciated the extra four hours of productivity each working day, with meetings kept short and on point, rather than long, irrelevant, and rambling. They’ve also loved the lack of expensive, time-consuming commuting, plus a focus on what you truly deliver with your day, versus stressful water-cooler back-stabbing, politics and presenteeism games. 

So, what will the next few years hold? Well, those who live by the crystal ball soon learn to eat ground glass.

One thing I can tell you as a science fiction author and part-time futurist … after this, the future isn’t what it used to be.

Yesterday all my Tribbles seemed so far away?
Yesterday all my Tribbles seemed so far away?


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