Win a chance to fly on a real airship (a rather big one).

You can win a pair of tickets to join Airlander’s latest shareholder, Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson (and various other celebrities) on the first flight of their massive Airlander airship, complete with an invitation to their launch party. You can even pretend you’re on a RAN airship floating over Jackelia . . . Bruce promises he’ll pretend he’s the Commodore if you like.

Win a chance to fly on a real airship (a big one).
Win a chance to fly on a real airship (a big one).

In reality, though, the Airlander’s first passenger flight is scheduled to be in 2016. Join them on their maiden voyage over the skies of Bedfordshire and southern England in an entirely new type of aircraft.

The Airlander uses cutting edge materials and engineering, is environmentally friendly, innovative, and Britain at its best. Its technology aims to open up new capacities from delivering humanitarian aid to disaster zones with no runways, to opening up slow travel and unique ways of seeing the Earth from the skies.

To enter for free, get yourself over to here.

Jack Cloudie... airship hunting.
Jack Cloudie… airship hunting.


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