To Discovery and Beyond?

So, we are only two episodes into the new third season of Star Trek Discovery – but already it is feeling a little like a rehash of the old Andromeda TV series.

On one hand, this shouldn’t be too surprising as both Trek and Andromeda were products of Gene Roddenberry’s fertile imagination. A starship thrown into the far future only to discover that the political body and standards they once represented have been destroyed and long forgotten in the mists of history. Their mission, to resurrect those lost ideals and bring peace and harmony back to the universe.

There is also a rather Firefly-like cowboy vibe to the whole thing. Or perhaps these days that should be The Mandalorian. We have evil local sheriffs and merchant couriers looking to strong-arm poor innocent mining colonies, and cheat people out of their hard-earned gold nuggets. Or should that be antique phasers and tricorders?

And for once, although warp travel seems to have been rendered difficult because dilithium crystals are now rarer than a tank of oil in Mad Max, there’s been progress in new technologies in the far future, such as personal teleporters and energy weapons that need to be worn like a glove around your hand. Okay, maybe the latter is more of an aesthetic choice and probably copied from Blake’s Seven.

The trailer for episode three shows our time-lost heroes travelling back to earth and the ruins of the Federation, and also seems to feature some nasty-looking mech race that might be a physical manifestation of the badly hammered Control A.I. the USS Discovery beat in season two.

What little critical faculties I now possess to evaluate such science fiction television series may have been as severely eroded as an exploding dilithium crystal mine by the pandemic and its harrowing of new content to watch, so I shall pass judgement to a future me – one far wiser and more handsome, but not, I suspect, much wealthier at all.

On the work front, I’ve now started the sixth book in the Sliding Void space opera series, which features the misfit crew of my very own starship, the Gravity Rose. A lot of you have been asking after this novel, and I’m happy to report even though I am only just starting, it is going to be a goody!

To Discovery and Beyond?
To Discovery and Beyond?


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