Thumping the Shark?

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Well, I’ve now finished the WandaVision TV series, as hopefully have you, given the rest of this editorial will feature the odd spoiler or two.

In many fantasy/science fiction TV series that have run a long time, there is a noble tradition of featuring the occasional bat-shit crazy ‘trick’ episode which diverts from their run-of-the-mill staple fare.

This can be a curse in Buffy, which turns the whole affair into a musical for a single ep; or that classic Trek episode where Kirk, Bones and Spock land on a world which is basically a spare set from Bonanza and they have to replay a Wild West-themed plot.

The greater mass of WandaVision is a series of ‘trick’ episodes, each one taking the Mickey out of a particular decade’s soap opera until we reach the end of the cycle and a small dose of reality intrudes.

I can see where Marvel/Disney was going with the narrative arc, but the conversion from I Love Lucy to meaningful MCU action in such a short time felt a little rushed, leaving me feeling, ‘Oh, I should be a lot more emotional about now. I wonder why I am not?’

Also, there are too many character threads left unresolved and dangling, from the brother who should have been an X-man, to that FBI agent and his cheeky scientist chum.

I’m guessing a portion of its disjointedness had much to do with the intrusion of the pandemic into the real-world business of filming superhero television, leaving as many holes in the shooting as there were in the wrap-up.

But, as I never cease pointing out when commenting on matters of media, your good plot costs as much as a bad one. SFX not included!

Thumping the Shark?

Thumping the Shark?


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