The Wonder of WandaVision?

It’s been a quiet media twelve months, what with all new films/TV series being slow-walked, and all the titles that should have taken place being rolled down the hill, always tantalisingly out of reach … No! Come back, James Bond, come back Dune!

There are a couple of things I watched recently. Starting with the ongoing WandaVision TV series… the first MCU live-action TV beast. This is a bit of a slow burner, as it opens with Wanda and Vision inhabiting a gradually evolving set of sitcoms, which start out in the early 1950s ‘I love Lucy’-frame, before gently progressing to a 1970s ‘Bewitched’ kind of deal. What we end up with next? Friends with superheroes? Wasn’t that the Avengers?

Things are getting a little more interesting now as the camera pulls back from the pocket sitcom universe and shows wider society after the blip, and they introduce us to SWORD, a play on words as the offensive protection equivalent of SHIELD. This one has got legs. But I think I might have to stick with it a while for them to show.

On the other hand, sheer boredom and ennui, ably assisted by pleas from the younger members of the family encouraged me in a moment of weakness to lay down £15 – or $30 – for the two-day rental of Wonder Woman 1984 via the magic of streaming. Sadly, this film is more or less guilty of most of the charges laid down by many critics. It’s not as good a movie as the first flick. It’s too long and self-indulgent and features more holes in the plot than there are gaps in Swiss cheese. This includes Wonder Woman stealing a modern fighter jet, turning it invisible, and then flying all the way to Egypt on a single tank of gas from America with no mid-air refuelling. That must have been a heck of a two-seater jet plane.

Still, one thing I can say about it: watching the film was a marginally better experience than having to suit up in Arctic clothes and go outside in the biting cold, damp, miserable weather which exists beyond my double glazing at the moment – and has done, it seems, for many months (although my perception of time is probably merely a function of stir craziness mixed with lockdown blues).

Oh, and Snowpiercer is back for its second season, along with the ideal ice age billionaire psychopath Jeff Bezos-alike played by Sean Bean. At least they have got even worse weather than me – and a centuries-long lockdown on board a moving train for some reason. A slight consolation. But I’ll take it.

Catch you next week, amigos.

The Wonder of WandaVision?
The Wonder of WandaVision?


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