The Old New Avengers?

Joy-of-joys, for the second season of superhero series The Umbrella Academy, is now live for Netflix streaming in full.

No piecemeal waiting for each episode for the UA to unfurl… it’s a binge-fest expecting to happen – not so much in Chez Hunt, mind, but that’s only because family maintenance and work commitments take precedence over locking myself in my office for days at a time, obviously goofing off.

Anyhow, I’ve taken my first bite of the crimson fruit that is the second season, and have to report to you, dear reader, it tastes like some Damn Fine Apple Pie.

Umbrella Academy always puts me in mind of The Avengers – not the Marvel group, but the colourful kinky boots spy-fy TV series of the sixties with Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, and Honor Blackman.

There’s something about its weirdness, spontaneous dancing, talking chimps, silent time-travelling Swedish sociopaths, and scenes set to soundtracks like I’m a Man by the Spencer Davis Group, and Rocket Fuel by DJ Shadow, which makes me think John Steed will walk out any moment and declare that Sir Reginald Hargreeves is Steed’s evil long-lost brother and must be stopped at all costs.

The showrunner, Steve Blackman, has admitted that he sometimes hears a song and then decides what scene he wants to write with that piece in his mind. A creator after my own heart.

A full spoiler-flavoured account of S2 will be yours as soon as I’ve watched the beast, and allowed enough time for you, too, to catch up on the complete season without choking on my reveals.

One other thing to report to you this week… BookBub is currently running a promotion for my sci-fi novel, Anomalous Thrust, which means it is reduced to 99 cents/pence/galactic groats in more or less every online bookshop in the universe. Grab it while it’s still cheap!

Full price lurks around the corner like a mugger in Gotham City, waiting to shank you.

Umbrellas out?
Umbrellas out?


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