The Man Who Watched Netflix and then Amazon Prime.

Just started watching the movie ‘The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then BigFoot‘ which has finally ended up on Netflix (currently sitting high in their trending films charts, too).

In plot terms, the film does pretty much what it says on the tin, indeed following an old codger who killed Hitler and then goes on to pick a fight with a big furry critter from the ice age.

It has the always watchable Sam Elliott in it, and ships with a distinctly elegiac tone and a few nods to the style of The Big Lebowski. Sam’s character, Calvin Barr, is at the end of his life, lonely and full of both regrets and thoughts about the paths he did follow, didn’t, and all that he’s lost on the way.

I think it’s an age-thing that this type of plot is starting to appeal to me more and more.

You see your parents die of age-related nasties and start to question your wavering sense of mortality and whether another late night in the office is really what you’re going to be thinking about when your time arrives for you to be lying on a hospital bed, staring at the crap faded ceiling panels above you, thinking, ‘So, that was it, then?’

Ah, cheery thoughts.

Calvin Barr seems very similar to my character William Roxley in the SF novel Empty Between the Stars. He’s coming back in a new book, by the way, just not how most of you might be expecting!

On that mysterious note, I’ll bid you adieu.

Empty Between the Stars: a new science fiction novel hits the book stores.
Empty Between the Stars: a new science fiction novel hits the book stores.


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