Steve Jobs is dead, alas

My old boss, Steve Jobs, has passed away. To anyone who knew him or knew how Apple worked, his death has been on the cards for a while. For to him, to step down from Apple, only an impending illness of fatal magnitude would do. Steve Jobs was scary, intense, and a 100% platinum-plated genius [at least, he appeared that way to a young graduate in his first job]. He kind of needed to calm down. But you just knew he never would.

The light that burns twice as bright burns for half as long – and you have burned so very, very brightly, Steve.

As a science fiction author I have perhaps one minor talent, and that is that I see the future, or at least predict how things might unfold. Steve Jobs did one better, he created the future. Everything I learnt about design and marketing, I learned at Apple. Goodbye, Steve. You created Apple, Pixar, buried the old-school music industry, and the Lord knows what you would’ve achieved if you had stayed around a little longer.

I can imagine Steve up in heaven now. God is being borne to his throne by a host of angels, only to find it occupied by Mr. Jobs. “The white, I think we can work with. Now, have you ever considered…?”


I am an author of various fantasy, science fiction, crime and other genre books from Gollancz, Hachette and HarperCollins. Some day I hope to grow up and be an astronaut. Exploring Mars would be nice.

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