Solar reaching price parity with conventional electricity.

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Some interesting news in from Bloomberg concerning energy research – a new report by Deutsche Bank indicates that solar energy is about to reach price parity with conventional electricity – and keep on going down, getting cheaper with every year (hint: solar panels are mostly based on semiconductors – so share the PC chip’s ability of sliding tech costs over time).

Once expensive, now solar will, “soon undercut even the cheapest fossil fuels in many regions of the planet, including poorer nations where billion-dollar coal plants aren’t always practical.”

The sooner that North African super-grid gets going, the better.

Look at the falling price curve on this baby . . . (click to embiggen).

Solar reaching price parity with conventional electricity.

Solar reaching price parity with conventional electricity.

The Silicon Valley tech industry – good for more than just iPhones and Flappy Birds.

STORY UPDATE; A couple of related off-site news stories just in – I’ll link to them here rather than creating a fresh post . . . “Denmark Plans to Be Coal-Free in 10 Years, Totally Clean-Powered in 35” and more worryingly . . . “Unidentified Drones spotted over seven French nuclear sites, says EDF.”


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  1. Richard Cooper says:

    I will not read books on a computer. If it doesn’t to appear on paper, I won’t read it. That said, I really like your writing and stories. Having the 7th Jackelian only on Kindle locks me out. I encourage anything you can do to motivate paper versions of your works currently appearing only in computer format.

  2. Stephen says:

    Hi Richard

    Don’t worry, paper copy is coming in about 8 weeks – I’m still processing test readers’ typo finds at the moment, and updating the e-book every couple of days with a cleaner copy.

    Once I’m fairly sure as many bugs as possible have been found, scrubbed and cleaned, I’ll fix it in stone for the paper version.


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