Not my Capt’n?

The forces of Disney/Marvel are shuffling a new MCU live-action TV series onto the streams now WandaVision’s first season has hex-ited out of existence – so meet the Bucky and Falcon combo that is The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Spoilers lie ahead, if you haven’t watched this show, yet:

You might remember from the last Avengers movie how Captain America passes his shield, literally and figuratively, onto Sam (the Falcon).

We spent most of the first episode setting up the two principal characters, with lots of establishing-plot that can drag a little.

Sam is now working for the American military fighting terrorists at the start of the show – cue big-budget SFX punch-up

Meanwhile, Bucky (the Winter Soldier) is seeing a shrink as part of his government parole programme, and suffering from 80 years of brainwashed assassination memories coming back to haunt him, while trying to make amends by hunting Hydra sleeper agents.

The first episode moves onto Sam passing the shield to a museum as he decides he’d rather not be the new icon of the US of A, but try to save his family’s struggling fishing boat business, instead.

There’s a bunch of violent cultists/insurgents at work in the background called the ‘Flag Smashers’ who want a one-world government to stop anymore ‘blips’, alien invasions, and superhero-generated mass murder.

We also get to meet the new Captain America, John Walker, or US Agent if you are reading the paper strips, still.

Actor Wyatt Russell (Kurt Russell’s son) plays US Agent.

So, we now have all the main ingredients laid out on the chopping board – angst-ridden heroes, evil baddies, one maybe-good-or-Homerlander-style-bad-guy, but the two capes have yet to be thrown into the pot to team up and simmer.

No secret what the second episode will bring to the dinner party, then!

Not my Capt’n?
Not my Capt’n?


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