Netflix and… Chill?

So, just caught up with the new Netflix movie that is Enola Holmes, in which a young teen Enola Holmes is searching for her missing mother, and using her home-schooled sleuthing skills and Jujitsu talents to outsmart/outfight big brothers Sherlock and Mycroft while helping a runaway lord targetted for death.

I haven’t read any of the Young Adult novel series by Nancy Springer upon which the film is based, but I have read that the progressive spirit on display here isn’t just an invention of the film-makers – it was in the books, too (suffragettes, the Representation of the People Act of 1884 etc).

It was a fairly enjoyable romp with great cinematography. I liked the animations which reminded me of Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python cartoons, and the fourth-wall breaks put me in mind of the Python TV series, too.

Actress Millie Bobby Brown seems ridiculously talented and together as Enola. At that age, I could barely find my arse, let alone hope to do something like this.

Henry Cavill did a nice turn as Sherlock, too, playing it as a kind of semi-amused Byronic hero.

I read that the Arthur Conan Doyle estate is now suing Netflix for giving Sherlock Holmes too many feelings – said feelings covered only in the later books still within their copyright. Hmmm. I suspect the estate is going to lose on this one.

Oh, and a little bird tells me that Henry Cavill is still in the running as the next James Bond, too. Superman, Napoleon Solo, The Witcher, Sherlock, is this guy collecting for the full Royal Flush, or what?

Netflix and... Chill?
Netflix and… Chill?


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