Mission to Mightadore (Jackelian #7) hits the bookstores.

One for the Jackelian fans among you – hey, never say I don’t give you anything!

Here’s the 7th book in the series, Mission to Mightadore.

It’s now out in both print and e-book format. I’m trying something new and have made this an Amazon Exclusive, which means the e-book is solely available on the Kindle at the moment.

The print book is printed via Amazon’s own facility, and is technically available everywhere else outside the various Amazon country stores – in practice, it’s a special order item, as small bookstores and rival chains don’t like providing blood and treasure to the Jeff Bezos machine unless they have to.

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, this e-book is free for you to read, also.

Mission to Mightadore (Jackelian #7) hits the bookstores.
Mission to Mightadore (Jackelian #7) hits the bookstores.

Here’s the blurb …

Cassie Templar hasn’t experienced an easy life. First, her father died for reasons that have been shockingly concealed from her. Then Cassie’s mother, Molly, went missing in suspicious circumstances. So she’s been raised as a ward of King Steam in the Steamman Free State, far away from the potential perils of her home in the Jackelian Kingdom.

Raised in relative solitude among the machine race . . . until an old friend of the family, the steamman scientist Coppertracks, turns up in the capital with news of the most amazing discovery. It will set Cassie and her companions off on a dangerous adventure to the mysterious and distant Mightadore.

There’s only one problem with Cassie’s destination. Many are those brave souls who have set out to reach the legendary city. But, nobody has ever come back alive from the trip to describe what they found!

And here are the links …

Amazon USA

Amazon UK

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

If you want to order it from a bookstore that isn’t Amazon, then this is the ISBN to request it…

ISBN-10: 1982997567
ISBN-13: 978-1982997564


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