Just who was the real God of Chips?

An interesting dinner table debate raged last night at Chez Hunt. Who would be the God of Chips? (that’s French Fries, if you’re reading this in North America . . . USA-style chips are known as ‘Crisps’ on this side of the Big Pond).

My suggestion was McCain – invoking one of those Hyborian Age axe-swinging chip/fry-chopping Celtic-style deities. I, however, was swiftly outvoted by the rest of my clan, who seemed to think that the more Roman-style Chipus Maximus would surely qualify as the most powerful demigod of all things chip-related.

I’m really not sure we went with the right decision, though. What do you think?

Do you want fries with that, Chipus Maximus?
Do you want fries with that, Chipus Maximus?


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