Green energy to bankrupt the energy mega-corps? (and a writing update).

With the upswell in ‘free’ green energy, electricity suppliers in Germany and Denmark have applied to shut down newly unprofitable power plants, but the nervous governments are resisting, afraid of being caught short on some cold winter’s night with little wind.

A case for a nationalised back-up system if I’ve ever heard it!

Read the full story on the New York Times at

With that odd but happy news, an update on my current writing schedule – I’m nearing completion of the third book in the Far-called series . . . The Stealers’ War. Should be with my editors at Gollancz (aka Orion/Hachette) by early 2015 for a 2016 publication date.

Foul Tide Turning variant cover concept.

And here’s the second book in the new series – due February 2015-ish.



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