Flintlock fantasy II

… Nearly seventeen years after my novel ‘For the Crown and the Dragon’ was published, it looks like the flintlock fantasy sub-genre might finally be about to catch up to the mainstream in the new Three Musketeers movie… complete with fantasy assassins (check), flame-throwers (check), flying ships (check) and all sorts of 18th century proto-steampunkery.

And for the record, yes, ‘For the Crown and the Dragon’ did feature a musketeer-type guardsman on the party’s journey through France.

Well, if you wait long enough, even flares and long hair will come back into fashion. Maybe a boost to the chances of the Temeraire books finally getting made into that film by Peter Jackson?


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One thought on “Flintlock fantasy II

  • April 5, 2011 at 12:25 am

    It had me at Steampunk airship…..

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