Fire and gunpowder do not sleep well together.

It appears we’ve had a few problems for a few days over on the SFcrowsnest web site recently – and having tracked down the culprit, it seems that the rolling power cuts afflicting California are the issue.

Most of our hosting is done from Europe, but there are portions of the various clusters that are either based in California or depends on hordes of USA-based engineers actually being able to log into their working-from-home living rooms, which oddly, itself relies on being able to plug something in and drawing an electric current. Who’da thunk it?

I am praying that whoever wins in the upcoming U.S. elections does so in a decisive way with a very clear margin – no 50/50 electoral split that has people reaching for their lawyers and then their shooting irons.

When a person doesn’t know what harbour they are making for, no wind is the right wind.

If we do toss something akin to the low-level troubles of The Troubles in Northern Ireland into the already plague-ridden landscape of the USA, balkanization of the Union and a broken internet may be just the beginning of our problems.

Come on, Earth people, the Great Filter is a hurdle to leap, and we need to run the human race together, rather than against each other.

Let’s get our collective &&^^ together, and rapidly.

Fire and gunpowder do not sleep well together.
Fire and gunpowder do not sleep well together.


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