Feeling blue about that alien invasion of Earth?

It looks like the Fox Channel is shutting down in the UK, with most of its content being yanked from Sky and getting dumped instead into Disney Plus.

This is a personal windfall for me – Sky was too expensive for a humble starving author, but I Disney’d up for The Mandalorian. Now, at last, I get to have a look at the Canal+ ‘War of the Worlds’ TV series, shortly about to enter its second season.

This is a contemporary remake of the H. G. Wells novel set in France and the UK. You can tell the French Canal+ input. It’s shot like a duotone and resembles a monochrome film with a blue filter added to it. Also, everyone seems to be married and having an affair with each other before the invasion. Bon feu, bonne mine, c’est la moitié de la vie.

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I will honour Summer Vacations in my heart and try to keep it all the year.
Feeling blue about that alien invasion of Earth?


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