A poster rises… for ‘Rise of the Iron Moon’.

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It’s always interesting to see my readers’ take on the Jackelian novels when it comes to paintings, art, models and the like. Here’s a fine example… a poster designed for Rise of the Iron Moon (the third novel of six in the series). This was produced by Chris Lewis (@c_j_lewis), who is a writer for TV and stage as well as the producer of live comedy show… Live and Up Front at the Palladium. From the look of this, he’s also got a knack for graphic design!

Rise of the Iron Moon poster.

Book 3 in the series.

It’s interesting that lots of fans rave about book 3, where I normally recommend newbies to start with Kingdom Beyond the Waves if they’re coming new to the series.

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  1. RobK says:

    The poster looks amazing. Great use of colours and contrast – captures the imagination!

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